Time To Sell Your Home But Not Sure Who To Call First

Dated: April 9 2019

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Image title                You’ve just accepted that out-of-town job offer, realized your family has outgrown your home, or decided you no longer care to clean and maintain the large home you’re in. What do you do next? Who do you call? What do you need to start doing? What about all of those companies advertising free instant offers and direct sales? Your head may be spinning with questions, fortunately we’re here to help you sort through the noise!

                Once you know you’re going to be selling your home, begin asking friends and family, neighbors, and other trusted members of your community for recommended Realtors and schedule an in-home consultation. Many experts recommend meeting at least 3 agents before deciding which one will be a good fit for you and your goals. Think of these meetings like job interviews. While you’re looking for a good connection personality-wise, you also need to evaluate the skills and experience of each agent to determine who will do the best job selling your home. Ask about their closing ratios- the number of homes they have listed and successfully sold vs. those that they were unable to sell, check their reviews online, and listen critically to their marketing strategies. Your home is one of your largest, if not the largest asset you own, so it’s crucial to choose a strong professional to sell it. Don’t be tempted by the lowest fee or give in to “sign quick” gimmicks. The best agent is one that will guide you with knowledge, honesty, and data; not the one that pushes you to decide before you’re ready.

                Even if you intend to sell your home a few months from now, a consultation will help guide you toward your next steps and establish a plan of action. The more time you have, the better you’ll be able to prepare. During your initial consultation, expect the Realtor to walk through your home and make notes, pointing out actions you can take to improve. This isn’t intended to make you feel bad about your home or discount your ideal price, but to help your home make the best impression it can in the short amount of time buyers will spend walking through it. Things like minor repairs, cleaning, and staging can make your home shine. If updates are needed, your agent will advise you on which ones will get the best return, and which ones won’t be worth spending money on.

                Don’t be afraid to ask your Realtor about the instant offer companies during your consultation, either. Agents know you’re getting these offers in the mail, because they get them, too! You’re not hiding a dirty secret from your agent if you’ve requested an offer from one. There’s no harm in being well informed! These “ibuyer” companies often work to confuse homeowners with their marketing on purpose. They want you to sell directly to them without ever having a real estate agent involved because it works in their favor when you’re not well educated. By taking the time to learn your home’s value and the true costs of selling a home from an honest agent, you’ll be empowered to move forward without wondering if you could get more. Most often, the instant offers are lower than you’d net by selling on the general market, but sometimes money isn’t everything and you want a quick, and convenient sale. A good agent will be there to advise you honestly to help you determine which option is truly going to work best for your goals.

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