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Dated: January 16 2019

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                After taking down holiday decorations and packing away the guest linens, you might be thinking your home is due for a refresh. To liven things up around the house, consider some of the latest home interior trends and 2019 style forecasts for a look that’s new and fresh!

                If you’re a fan of design shows, you’ve probably seen plenty of different interior design trends come and go. Once a trend has been around for a few years, it can lose its “fresh” appeal. We are starting to see the trendiest homes filled with pops of rich colors, bolder hardware, and yes, wallpaper is making a comeback.

                If you’re tired of the gray everything and craving some color, this is your moment. Deep blues and greens in particular appear to be filling the pages of design magazines lately. Think deep rich jewel tones like emerald and deep teal, to deep earth tones like coral and terracotta. These gorgeous jewel tones are saturating walls, upholstery, and even kitchen appliances. Full walls of color are being used to make a statement, or these colors are pairing up with others in the form of colorful patterned wallpapers, featuring florals or textured patterns with energy and movement.

                Kitchens are frequently the first to see big changes in design, and this year’s trendiest kitchens will definitely stand out from the rest. One of the trends we’re seeing a lot of is black and white kitchens. Black cabinets with white countertops and flooring, though white cabinets are still wildly popular. We’re also seeing a lot of brass hardware as well as some newer colors like matte black, rose gold, and brushed steel. Instead of being purely for function, cabinet hardware is standing out like jewelry. Light fixtures are using similar materials, and there’s even some mixing and matching going on. Rather than blending in, appliances are starting to stand out with their own bright and colorful finishes. Open shelving is still on trend, but the shelves aren’t just rough wood. We are seeing some metal and glass shelving debut as well. Patterned ceramic tile has surged in popularity, too, and will likely continue making appearances. Speaking of appliances, microwaves have been going under the counter lately instead of over the stove and the popular kitchen island is starting to fade.

                Like wallpaper, luxury touches are making a comeback, too. The farmhouse eclectic and minimalist home interiors are being updated with the above-mentioned jewel tones, but also jewels themselves, like agate and large geodes. In addition, designers have started incorporating large artwork and more luxurious fabrics like velvet, leather, and even tweed. The hard-working microfiber fabrics and linens aren’t as hot. Outdoor living spaces are evolving to look more like an exclusive resort with outdoor electronics and kitchens.

                 The lines between the indoors and outside are blurring even further still in 2019. You’ve probably already seen a plant wall in a trendy restaurant or boutique lately. Expect to see more. Potted plants, water features, and wood surfaces are enhancing our homes and appealing to our love of nature without stepping foot outside. Window walls and collapsible doors that open up a portion of the home are making the transition even less obvious.

                But what about the farmhouse trend? Has that moment passed? Not quite, says Houzz. The modern farmhouse still holds a wide appeal among homeowners and decorators that favor a “homey” and cozy feeling over the bold, modern interiors. Some of the classic farmhouse elements like board & batten or subway tile have strong staying power.

                What trends are on their way out? Some experts are suggesting that these popular styles may be fizzling, so incorporate them only if you love them but they might not be the best way to modernize your home. Designers are over the gallery walls full of photos and instead are leaning toward a single, large piece of artwork to make a statement. The same goes with the word and letter art, like the word “eat” that has been hung on the walls in thousands of kitchens. Of course, if you like these items, keep them! Your home should reflect your style, and comfortably fit with your lifestyle.

                If you’re making changes with plans to sell soon, it’s still best to consult a local professional Realtor for advice on what buyers in your neighborhood are drawn to before spending money on updates. Some parts of your home may benefit from updating, while others might be old enough to be on trend again.

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