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Dated: December 4 2019

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For some, holiday decorating comes naturally. They truly enjoy shopping and placing everything in just the right spot. For others, it can be a bit overwhelming. So many options, so much stuff in the stores…. Where to begin? If the 2nd one sounds like you, we’ve put together a guide to help you simplify the process for you. For either type of person, we’ve also created a Pinterest board full of holiday decorating inspiration! Christmas is the most popular holiday this time of year in the U.S., but these tips can be used to create beautiful Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just simple winter seasonal decor as well. Mix and match to suit your celebrations and tastes.

First thing’s first- choose a color scheme. Start simple, with just 2 or 3 colors- black and white, red, green, and silver; or blue and gold, for example. When shopping for decorations, stick to those colors for the most part. Choose solid colors, or patterns that include your main colors. Ornaments, ribbons, etc. don’t necessarily have to match to look good, but repeating the same colors throughout your home will help it feel more put together and purposeful. Think about some of the more famously decorated holiday spaces- Rockefeller Center, the Biltmore Estate, even the White House. All have one thing in common- simplicity. Green garlands, red bows and poinsettias, and trees decorated with just a couple of colors on each. If there are a few favorite ornaments, start with those and choose your color scheme from the colors within them. Heirloom decorations, home-made pieces, and antiques are always great conversation starters and hold spark those dearly held memories. Or pick your favorite colors, even if they aren’t the traditional ones. 

Layering and texture. Don’t let the idea of layering intimidate you. Layering adds depth to make your look appear fuller and more finished. Simply hang some ornaments deeper in the tree, on inner branches instead of just on the surface. Wrap garlands with ribbons and intertwine the ribbon between branches on trees, garlands, and wreaths. Add some tree branches, berry sprigs, pine cones, burlap, or strings of beads to add texture, giving everything a more finished look. Infuse your personality and sense of humor, too, to personalize your trimmings. Various textures and finishes (think some shiny, some rough) give the look more interest and fullness. 

Get creative with lights. We’ve seen some light displays that don’t necessarily cost a fortune to get your attention. Simple arches or boxes made from PVC pipe, strung with lights, can wow for very little dough. Try making shooting stars with a few sticks and inexpensive lights, or outline your yard. You can also try colored flood lights or the newer Star Shower bulbs that project moving shapes and patterns on your home from the ground. 

Remember the rest of the house! It might be tempting to decorate just one or two key areas inside, slap a wreath on the door, and call it done. That’s perfectly fine, if that’s all you want to do. But if you’re entertaining guests or just want holiday cheer throughout your home, don’t neglect the other rooms. Add a few decorative elements to shelves and tables, hang simple, small wreaths on kitchen cabinets and interior doors, and tie ribbons with a sprig of pine or a few pinecones to light fixtures to cheer up any room! 

Budgeting more for gifts and less for decor? No sweat! There’s a lot that can be done to add holiday cheer to your home, without breaking the bank. String some popcorn, marshmallows, or hard berries, like cranberries, with a needle and thread to make an old-fashioned garland. Drape some paper snowflakes or paper chains in groups for very budget-friendly, yet bold impact. (Remember Elf?) Repetition makes a big statement, so even the simplest crafted or dollar store decorations can create a beautiful look! The most important part is to have some fun with it and make it your own.

Looking for some inspiration? Visit our Pinterest board here.

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