When you travel, no matter where you stay, it's always nice to enjoy the comforts of home plus a few little luxuries as well. If you're expecting guests this fall, why not spoil them by creating a guest room worthy of a five-star hotel? Plus, the better prepared you are, the less they'll be inclined to track you down for towels and toiletries. Even if no one is stopping by, putting together a stunning guest space will add to the overall charm of your home. If you're considering selling, staging it perfectly allows would-be buyers to see themselves as the consummate hosts. Let's take a look at some of the amenities you can add to make guests feel right at home, but be warned: They may never want to leave!

Comfortable bedding

If your guests are too warm, too cold or sleeping on an old saggy mattress adorned with lumpy pillows, chances are you're going to hear about it first thing the following morning -- if not sooner. Supplying comfortable bedding and piles of fluffy pillows makes all the difference when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. Remember this: Great rest equals happy guest.

Drawer space

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Rather than keep their clothing crammed into a suitcase, let your temporary boarders spread out and look their best by clearing some drawer space. If you've got room in that closet, encourage them to hang up their ensembles, which could prevent you from having to drag out the old ironing board.

Good lighting

Wall sconces or side table lamps give your guests an opportunity to read in bed or move about the room in the middle of the night without fear of tripping in their unfamiliar surroundings.

Luggage rack

A luggage stand is a back-saving amenity that keeps the suitcase off the bed or floor yet in an easy-to-reach spot. If you don't have drawer or closet space, this is a great alternative.

Linens & a lil' extra

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Fresh, fluffy towels transform your bath into a veritable spa. Compiling a basket of toiletries is not only thoughtful but helpful in the off chance that your guests have forgotten something. Magazines and other reading material provide a relaxing activity should they have a bit of down time.

Tech tips

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Chances are your pals may need to get online at some point during their visit. Placing your Wifi password in an easy-to-see spot is a big help. Having an extra phone charger handy is another gesture they might appreciate. If you have an alarm on your home or a code to get in through the garage, make sure your guests have access to those as well. If your TV remotes are complicated, leave an index card with explicit instructions so they can tune in without troubling you.

Fresh flowers

No matter what season it is, you're sure to find something in bloom that will add the perfect pop of color and show your visitors that you want their stay to be extra special. It's these small touches that people remember.

Window treatments

If your guest room is a space you rarely use, you may have neglected the windows. But privacy is important and it'll make your lodgers more comfortable if they don't feel like they're in a fishbowl. Plus, unless you want to hear them padding around at dawn it's a good idea to keep the room darkened.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, many of us will be hosting friends & family from out of town.  Get those guest rooms up to snuff and if you are runing out of room to entertain then a GroupWatson agent can find  you the perfect to home that has room to spare.

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