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Moving to Dallas? Things You Should Know...

by Scott and Tammy Watson



Moving to Dallas?  Things You Should Know…

The 3rd most populous city in Texas (and 10th most populous city in the U.S.), the “Big D” is part of a sprawling metropolitan area that is home to over 7.1 million people.  For generations, Dallas has been a key economic and cultural hub in the South. In its early days, the city thrived on cotton, cattle, and petroleum, giving rise to popular stereotypes of “Dallas-ites” as gun-toting, big hat wearing farmers, ranchers, and oil barons.  While the energy sector is still big business, Dallas now enjoys a more diversified economy anchored in telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, finance, and banking.  Not only is it a great city for doing business, Dallas is also rich in culture, arts, and entertainment. From the city’s lucrative job market, to the incredible food scene, to boundless entertainment options…there’s plenty to love about this great city!

Whether you’re planning a move to Dallas to pursue a new career, live closer to family, or simply for a change of pace, there are a few important things you should know first. The folks at Great Guys Moving Company and Moonraker Marketing have put together a helpful infographic detailing some important data on living in the “Big D”. From the truth about Dallas weather, to tax rates and more, these are some great things to know before packing up your life and relocating. Such as, the average home price here is lower than the national average, making home ownership more attainable here than in other large metros. And while the median household income is considerably lower than the rest of the country, Texans don’t pay any state income tax and Dallas’ low unemployment rates mean you’ll have a better chance of finding a job. Those from more Northern climates who are tired of contending with snow and ice will be happy to find that Dallas temperatures rarely drop below freezing (though summers are scorching!). And there are a considerable number of sunny, rainless days every year to enjoy Dallas’ many outdoor eateries and happy hour spots.

So, Yes!  Dallas is a great place to call home, which is why the city has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. When you’re ready to make a move to Dallas or any surrounding areas, be sure to give GroupWatson a call!  Located just Northwest of Dallas proper in The Colony, our team of professionals specialize in helping clients find their ideal North Texas home.  Whether you’re looking for a custom home on acreage just outside the city limits or lakeside living in a Dallas suburb, we can help you find the perfect place for you and your family!


Why Hire a Realtor, When Building a New Home? GroupWatson Answers...

by Scott and Tammy Watson


How To Choose the Right Color Palette for Your Home Design

by Scott and Tammy Watson

When it comes to decorating your home, one of the first and fundamental questions you’ll need to ask yourself is “what colors am I going to use?” Your color palette will, to a large degree, determine the feel and style of your home, so it’s important that you choose colors that feel true to who you are and the kind of space you’re trying to create. But how do you choose the right color palette for your home design?

Already Have Furniture?

If you already have existing furniture you want to continue displaying in your home, you’ll want to build your color scheme patterned, choose a few colors from the pattern that speak to you and build your color palette around those colors. If all of your furniture is a solid color, choose colors that naturally complement the primary color displayed in your furniture. So, for example, if you had a light purple couch you plan to showcase in your living room, you’d want to choose a color palette that complimented purple, like pale blue or green.



Starting From Scratch?

If you’re starting from scratch and plan to decorate and furnish your home based on the color palette you choose, you have a lot more flexibility in the colors you choose. What colors speak to you? Do you find warm, dark tones feel inviting or are you more of a bright, vibrant color type of person? Do muted colors feel calming in the bedroom, or would you rather incorporate jewel tones? Choose whichever types of colors feel truest to your design style. Then, once you choose your palette, you can furnish and decorate your home accordingly.


How Many Colors Should I Have In My Palette?

When it comes to how many colors you should have in your palette, it really depends. Some people find that incorporating numerous colors, shades, and tones feels true to their style, which others find more than two colors to be overwhelming. A general rule of thumb is to choose one primary color and then choose one to three additional complimentary colors to act as accents. Once you try to incorporate more than 4 colors, it can be hard to maintain balance.

What Kinds Of Color Palettes Will Work In My Home?

When it comes to choosing the color palette for your home, there are endless color combinations available to you. Here are some examples:

Choose Numerous Shades Of The Same Color:  One chic option is to keep your color palette to one color and then incorporate numerous shades of that color throughout the home. So, for example, let’s say you chose blue to be your focal color. You could paint the walls of the living room navy, have a pale blue couch and incorporate sky or cerulean blue accessories throughout the room. This option gives a casual, laid-back feel to the space. If one color feels too limiting, try choosing two colors close to each other on the color wheel, like green and blue, for a similar effect.

Mix Neutrals With A Pop Of Color: Another fantastic color option is to decorate your home in a neutral color palette – like beiges, whites, grays, or browns – and then add one or two bright shades to add a pop of color. The contrast between the neutrals and the brights makes the brighter shades pop even more and adds a fun element to an otherwise subdued color palette. Some great color combinations to consider are grays mixed with a bright orange or beiges with a pop of teal.

Go Pale: Pale colors can add a calming effect to a space and are particularly effective in living and bedroom areas. If you want your color palette to induce feelings of calm and relaxation, try going with muted hues, like pale blue, pale green, or even pale purple, to add a serene feeling to your home.

Go Bright: On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re looking to make a bold statement with your color palette, you might want to consider going with brights. Bright colors can make a space feel vibrant and lively. However, you want to be careful not to allow your bright color palette to veer into cartoonish territory. Stick to one or two brights; more than that will feel overwhelming. Whatever color palette you choose, make sure you incorporate it throughout the space. While you don’t need to have a single color palette for your entire home (you can obviously choose different color palettes for different rooms), you do want to make sure that each color palette works together to create a cohesive color experience throughout your space.

Is Selling "For Sale By Owner" Smart?

by Scott and Tammy Watson

2017 Economic Forecast

by Scott and Tammy Watson

2017 Economic Forecast


What to Expect:  


Mortgage rates will increase to a modest 4.5%, which is not dramatic enough to keep buyers out of the market.


Rents are expected to rise 4-5% across the board, and possibly higher in some areas.  Typically, a 5% increase in rent results in a renter to consider and/or convert to homeownership.


It is predicted that the new Administration will have looser legislation on lending and the economy, which could help boost buying power.


On the purchase side, offset by a stronger economy, household formations accelerating and rising wages will more than offset rising mortgage rates.


A slight increase in inventory is anticipated, as people decide to cash out their home’s equity for various purposes.


It is expected that more first-time home buyers will purchase this year, with many being millennial buyers looking for good school districts in suburban communities with lots of amenities.  Investment benefits will be a strong consideration of their purchase.


In comparison to many other large cities, the income required to buy a median priced home in our area, which is $55,000/year, isn’t much different than the national average at $52,000/year.  In fact, compared to places like San Francisco or New York, our housing market is extremely affordable.


 Kelly Mulligan, Attorney

                        Chicago Title

David Berson, Chief Economist

Nationwide Mutual Insurance

2016 North Texas Real Estate Information System Annual SOLD Statistics

by Scott and Tammy Watson

Why Hire a Realtor, When Building a New Home? GroupWatson Answers...

by Scott and Tammy Watson

Cold Weather Tips for Home Owners

by Scott and Tammy Watson

The Best New Year's Eve Events Around DFW

by Scott and Tammy Watson

Here’s the Skinny on New Year’s Eve Events in and Around the Dallas / Fort Worth Area!  If it’s Kid-Friendly events your looking for, check out the links below for outings that are safe for the whole family:

"Around Town Kids" - Frisco: New Year's Eve Event Calendar

"Around Town Kids" - Plano: New Year's Eve Events Calendar

Star Telegram's: Ring in the New Year With These Family Friendly Events!

AXS Entertainment's: Best Family Friendly New Year's Eve Events in Dallas-Ft. Worth 2016

Want something with a little more sizzle?  Check out these links for information to some of the hottest New Year’s Eve parties DFW has to offer, for a fun night out on the town:

Dallas NYE Ball : Crowne Plaza - Dallas - How about a “good old-fashioned” ball to ring in the New Year!  Get the Hollywood treatment at the Crowne Plaza’s traditional NYE Ball, where four themed rooms (each with their own countdown to midnight) will come together into one final combined party as the clock strikes midnight!

Masquerade Affair : The Old Red Museum - Pay tribute to two of the greatest 20th century music icons: Prince and Michael Jackson!  This New Year’s Eve bash will honor these musicians all through the evening, as you ring in 2017!

New Year's Eve at Pinstack : Plano, TX  (21 and over party starts at 9:30 pm) - New Year’s Eve at Pinstack is not your average night out at the bowling alley!  Ring in the New Year by having a blast in 50,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art bowling lanes, ropes course, laser tag, bumper cars, rock climbing walls and enjoy chef prepared cuisine.  NYE packages include unlimited attractions, catered cuisine and non-prize video games.  Cash bar available.  *Family-Friendly party earlier in the evening.

Glow 2017 :  New Year's Eve Party - Glow 2017 is THE “Glow-In-The-Dark” New Year’s Eve party in Dallas, TX.  Bring in the New Year in an 8,000 sq. ft. upscale pool nightclub, covered by an enclosed, heated tent that connects to a 5,000 sq. ft. indoor ultra-plush lounge.  Get your dance on with the most popular top 40, hip-hop and electronic music by DJ’s VIKTEK and GIRLBOT.

New Year's Eve Parties In and Around Plano, TX - If it’s choices you want in the Plano, Richardson, North Dallas area then check out some of these events going down on New Year’s Eve.  You will certainly find something to tickle your fancy among these listed!

GroupWatson wants to remind everyone to drink responsibly.  If you are out on New Year’s Eve, do not drink and drive…get home safe!


May You and Your Family Have A Happy and Prosperous New Year!  Here’s to 2017!!

Frisco, Texas - Fastest Growing City in the US

by Scott and Tammy Watson, GroupWatson

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